1973 V.W. Super Beetle

Customized Convertible



Engine: 1600cc Built to the MAX

Dual Carbs.

4 Speed Manual

5 Point Harness Seat Belt

Custom Paint


P4210063.jpg (105461 bytes)    P4210064.jpg (143357 bytes)    P4210065.jpg (112944 bytes)    P4210066.jpg (106145 bytes)


P4210067.jpg (86986 bytes)    P4210068.jpg (109990 bytes)


    This car is very fast and very fun to drive.  All it needs is a back seat and the rear of the interior completed.  There has been other mods to it but I am not sure so to stay safe I will not list them.  


 Note*  This is not a factory convertible.

             You are bidding one the ownership rights of this vehicle not the right to look at it.  

Please understand the terms set forth by eBay & the seller.  Only bid if you are willing to fulfill your obligation to your winning bid.  Legal actions will be taken if necessary.  Please don't waist my time or yours.   Email me with any questions.