This is a very clean, very nice 1997 Nissan Maxima GXE.  This inexpensive vehicle would make someone an outstanding vehicle for graduation, or first vehicle.  Nissan vehicles have a history for going over 250,000 miles with no major mechanical problems.  This car only has 59,067 miles on it right now.  You will get over 200,000 more miles from this car before it is time to trade/sell it.  Compare that to vehicles that have problems before reaching 100,000 miles.  So why buy a new vehicle when you could have this one at below current market value.  Here are some outside photos of the Maxima.





With only 59,067mi. registering, you have practically a new car already!  



Some interior features include: AM/FM/Tape, air conditioner, automatic transmission, cloth seats, steering wheel mounted cruise control.


From this side you can see the power locks, power windows (with one touch down on drivers side, window lock), power seat position and power recliner.  "Maxima" floor mats.


Check out the room you have in the back seat.  It will be extremely hard to find a car in better shape at a better price.


If there isn't enough room in the back seats then you can rest assure there is enough in the trunk.


You will find enough horsepower under the hood to make driving Nissan's Flagship car the most enjoyable vehicle on the road.



Once you drive a Nissan you'll never go back . . .

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