In 1953, Mac H. Crumley, Sr., an avid fisherman and sportsman, began his boat building legacy by applying fiberglass to his wooden fishing boat. His fishing friends could not help but notice the speed his boat maintained as theirs became increasingly water logged. They too wanted their boats glassed over. Mac Sr. then realized the potential for building his own boats.

In 1954, he built his first fiberglass boat in a garage in downtown LaFollette, TN. He obtained the name, Norris Craft, from Norris lake which was the first TVA lake to be built. The same lake which overtook his childhood farm and forced his family to leave and relocate in LaFollette, TN.

Few fiberglass boats were sold in 1954 because the technology was so new and misconceptions persisted that fiberglass would shatter upon impact like window glass.

By 1957 Norris Craft was in full production and selling nationwide. Leaving behind the misconception of fiberglass and looking toward the future of perfecting the procedures of gelcoat, lamination, construction and not to mention performance and safety.

In 1972, Mac H. Crumley, Jr. bought out his father and continued the boat building tradition. his contributions to boat designs and performance have shaped the bass boats of today and have always been innovative and fisherman friendly.

Today Norris Craft is joined by Mac Jr.'s two sons Mac Ray Crumley and Richard Crumley, who, like their father and his father, plan to keep up the same standards and strives for perfection and performance.


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