This is an excellent 1970 SUPER BEE very rare Mopar product. If you have been looking for a great driver this is the perfect car for you and you don't have to spend $30,000.00 dollars. This car runs and handles absolutely perfect. The only thing it need is an alignment which will be done for you before the car is picked up. This car has been restored for several years and as you can see from the many pictures listed it is still in excellent condition. I have a free and clear title which will be sent to you when funds are received. Here is a list of the equipment.


440 high performance engine


Automatic transmission


Power steering


EV-3 color code "HEMI ORANGE"


White vinyl interior


Tachometer with clock


New tires

Take a look at the pictures below and email me with any questions.  If I get the same questions from a few other people I will update the auction with the question and answer.


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                UnderBee69.jpg (132333 bytes)               

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